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    When it’s time to have the ductwork cleaned and serviced in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or shop building, you need a professional service that knows the components of an industrial air handling system. Our manufacturing cleaning services are suited for large and small facilities alike. Bring your facility into compliance with OSHA and NFPA standards, and avoid possible violations and fines. A normal residential cleaning service is fine for homes and offices, but for complete industrial HVAC system cleaning and service, trust our qualified team to do the dob the right way.

    Over time, the residue inside your ducts can become full of inorganic particulates and organic contaminants, such as microbes, bacteria, and mold spores. You may even have a pest infestation, especially if the ductwork travels across the building’s exterior or inside unfinished storage or attic space.

    Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

    Industrial level duct cleaning can yield benefits such as:

    Reducing Fire Hazard

    Better System Efficiency

    Improved Air Quality

    Better Structural Integrity

    Reducing Fire Hazard

    In 2015 a fire in the ventilation ductwork of an automotive manufacturing plant in Michigan required the evacuation of all personnel. Fire crews spent two hours isolating the fire inside the 42-inch ducts. Ductwork circulates fire very efficiently, just like it does with air. This means burning material can spread rapidly throughout a facility’s entire space. In the example of this automotive plant, the ducts blew smoldering material over an area of 20,000 square feet.

    Ventilation systems in industrial plants are often designed to move particulate matter such as dust and smoke through a filtration device. If this particulate matter is a cloud of combustible dust, and a spark or heat is present, there is the possibility of an explosion within the duct system. The HVAC system can then transmit fire in directions opposite the typical material flow, sending fire and burning material into areas of the facility not previously involved.

    There is an industry term called the “fire triangle.” This refers to the three components needed to support combustion – fuel, an oxidizer (usually air), and a heat source. Removing dust and debris from inside or near your duct system disables the “fire triangle” by removing the fuel.

    Better System Efficiency

    Changing intake filters regularly is a good first step in system maintenance, as it allows your HVAC equipment to “inhale” freely. But obstructed ductwork can reduce the system’s ability to properly “exhale.” The EPA states that a buildup of half an inch of dust inside ductwork can reduce heating and cooling efficiency by more than 20 percent. Why is this figure so high? It’s not as if a half-inch reduction on internal dimensions represents a huge difference in air volume.

    It’s because of aerodynamics. The clean surfaces inside an HVAC system are “slippery” and allow efficient airflow. Half an inch of dust presents enough drag to slow down the airflow, causing the blowers to fight against the non-smooth surfaces. Imagine how bad HVAC system efficiency must be when half the duct’s interior diameter is obstructed by dust and industrial residue.

    Improved Air Quality

    Manufacturing processes often result in smoke, chemical fumes, and other gaseous byproducts. They can also create particulate discharge, such as dust from material fibers and combustion residue. All of these byproducts can make their way into your ductwork, despite having proper ventilation and exhaust systems in place. Once inside the ducts, momentarily trapped by residual lint buildup, they are recirculated back into the air throughout your facility. This can present health hazards, particularly for staff and crew that have underlying respiratory issues.

    Mold growth, in particular, can be hazardous for your employees. If your air handling system happens to have an infestation of one of the mold varieties that produce mycotoxins, such as “black mold,” your staff and crew are at risk for developing severe respiratory problems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies poor air quality in the workplace as the main cause of employee illness.

    Better Structural Integrity

    Your shop is clean. You have company policies that make sure it stays that way. Why, then, do your intake filters get so dirty, so fast? The answer might be gaps and voids in the ductwork. If your structurally compromised duct routing passes through an exterior roof area, attic, or storage space that is not cleaned, the system will suck contaminants in from that space. A comprehensive duct cleaning will allow us to discover structural flaws in your system and make necessary repairs, to improve performance.

    We can spot gaps and holes and any protruding metal pieces or fasteners that can trap dust and debris; when the inside surfaces of your ducts are clean, smooth, and free of gaps and holes, your entire system benefits, with increased operating efficiency.

    Complete Cleaning, Inside And Out

    When we service your ductwork, we address not just the inside of the ducts but also blower motors, turbines, diverter valves, cooling coils, and all other internal components of your HVAC system. We also do a complete cleaning of the entire air handling environment. Our experienced technicians will clean locations near and around your ductwork that you might not even think about, including:

    • Ductwork Exterior
    • Ceiling Surfaces
    • Ceiling Truss Systems
    • Beams And Rafters
    • Lighting Fixtures
    • Conduit And Pipes
    • Exhaust Hoods And Ventilation Components
    • Shelving And Storage Racks
    • Fire Suppression Equipment
    • Elevated Structural Components

    We specialize in accessing hard to reach and unseen spots. A good example of this is dust on top of ductwork and support beams, and tight horizontal spaces. Unseen locations can build up enormous amounts of dust and manufacturing residue over the years. In some facilities, these areas have never been cleaned, even in factories that are 100 years old. This can present an unhealthy environment for your employees. Dust and dirt on top of your ducts and other ceiling components are a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Also, given any small vibration, this material can fall into your manufactured product.

    When we come to your facility to perform industrial ductwork cleaning, we will:

    • Inspect the system for bacteria, mold spores, fungus, pollen, and dust mites.
    • Install protective covers over machinery and sensitive manufacturing materials during the cleaning process to ensure your operation is not disturbed.
    • Exhaust the air to the outside when possible, or use equipment fitted with HEPA filters if the vacuum exhausts the interior.
    • Use industrial standard, state of the art equipment for maximum results.
    • Remove animal nests and other evidence of pest infestation.
    • Seal, repair, and insulate ductwork as needed to increase system efficiency.

    Fogging Your Ducts

    If your facility is found to have extensive mold growth in the ductwork, we offer a chemical fog treatment specially designed to sanitize the impossible to reach places inside your HVAC system. Duct fogging is done to kill harmful mold and bacteria and prevent new mold and bacteria from growing. We use sporicidin, a disinfectant that has been used for mold and bacteria mitigation for over 30 years in hospitals, medical clinics, and dental offices. Sporicidin is also used extensively for mold remediation in water damage restoration projects. It is OSHA compliant, EPA registered, and FDA approved.

    Sporicidin disinfectant not only kills fungi, bacteria, and viruses that may be found in air ducts and vents, it also prevents regrowth of odor-causing bacteria on treated surfaces for up to six months. It is effective against many of the most common disease and odor-causing organisms. These include Stachybotrys (black mold), escherichia coli (E. coli), MRSA, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), influenza A2, and many others. We disperse it utilizing a specially designed fogger appliance that creates an amount of mist guaranteed to coat the interior of your entire duct system. This treatment will inhibit the accumulation and growth of any microbial contamination for up to 6 months after the application.

    Powerful Tools

    We use the most powerful negative air vacuum equipment to dislodge and capture all the particulate matter from your duct systems. Our high-performance machines are capable of over 5000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of free air and provide the vacuum and airflow required to achieve a strong negative pressure and remove contaminants from any air duct system, regardless of its size and scale. All of our equipment meets the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) standards for the proper capture and Source Removal method of cleaning HVAC systems.

    Qualified Professionals

    Our technicians receive a high level of training and years of experience in industrial duct service. We provide the industry’s top professionals, experienced in duct cleaning for:

    • Office Buildings
    • Hospitals And Clinics
    • Retail Stores And Shopping Malls
    • Government Buildings
    • Hotels
    • High Rise Buildings
    • Schools
    • Warehouses And Storage Buildings
    • Airports
    • Military Installations

    We can develop a duct cleaning schedule that fits your particular safety requirements and budget on our first visit to your facility. We can work within your schedule to minimize downtime and avoid lost productivity. Based on our initial cleaning, we can observe how much buildup there is and which areas are most concerning. We are NADCA and ISN certified and provide the best possible results, keeping your HVAC system running cleanly and efficiently.


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