Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning

We know you have a busy schedule, and every minute of your day must be accounted for. Whether you are running a household, maintaining a commercial facility, managing an office, or overseeing a large retail space, the last thing you want to do is spend unnecessary time sorting out the carpet cleaning. It takes time to locate a carpet cleaning service, arrange an estimate, and figure out an available time that works for you and the carpet cleaner.

You need a company that can handle the scope and scale of your work and also is reliable, professional, and trustworthy. A company that can be a partner in your facility’s maintenance. Our professional carpet cleaning and commercial area rug cleaning can handle the heavy traffic, a high number of spills, and chemical residue from janitorial and cleaning crews. As a “low residue” cleaning service, we can assure you that we represent an excellent investment in cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting your carpets. Carpet replacement due to premature wear and improper cleaning is a capital expenditure that sometimes happens unnecessarily. Our cleaning process is approved by all major carpet mills and will keep your warranty intact.


Your janitorial staff handles daily spills and scheduled carpet cleaning. They’re busy with many maintenance responsibilities, and they don’t have time to spend extra effort on removing every bit of residual cleaning product from quick cleanup operations. Also, they use equipment and methods that push a lot of water and detergent into the carpet and extract most of the solution. Most, but not all. As a result, there will always be leftover cleaning product residue building up in the carpet.

Years ago, industry industrial carpet cleaning made heavy use of alkaline pre-conditioners, alkaline rinses, and chemical oversprays to try to fix carpet problems that were caused by methods of that time. Clients were frustrated with white or light-colored carpets that tended to “yellow” and were fixed with an acid overspray. They were also frustrated with the recently cleaned carpet quickly getting dirty again. These days, you can still have carpets cleaned with alkaline-based rinses, and modern-day formulations are much better. But there are other, better methods available now.

The right type of residue must be left in the carpet, in low amounts, to minimize future soiling. The carpet’s pH should end up as neutral after the final rinse. These are the current commercial rinse methods and their results:

Strong alkaline residue, with high pH

This older type of treatment leaves a carpet feeling slightly “crunchy” and actually attracts soil particles to the carpet fibers. Performed by cleaning services which have failed to keep up with modern techniques.

Acid rinse

This neutralizes the alkaline pre-conditioner, if used, and leaves the carpet with a soft feel. It also results in carpet fibers that do not attract soil as much. This only works if correct ratios and chemical balance are followed. Some carpet cleaning services will increase the level of rinse acidity rather than extra time and effort on trouble spots.

Neutral pH rinse

Neutral rinse products have become increasingly popular with clients, as they have been led to believe that “neutral” means better. Less effective than acid rinse if an alkaline pre-rinse has been used.

Water rinse

also popular and basically free of charge since no chemical product is used. Like neutral rinse products, they do not balance an alkaline pre-rinse, and plain water does not contribute chemically to the cleaning process.

Our goal is to use methods that only require very low moisture and remove as much soil as possible without leaving behind sticky detergents. We leave your carpets in a pH-neutral state and verify this by testing the fibers. Subsequent vacuuming by your janitorial staff will remove any extra dry residue and more of the carpet’s soil.

Area Rugs

Area and rugs are often placed in heavy traffic areas, like entryways, lobbies, and hallways. They look wonderful, protect the flooring, and add splashes of decorative color to a room. They also take a fair amount of abuse. This is particularly noticeable in lighter colored examples, as they show the dirt more.

An area rug as a centerpiece of a living room has an easier life than an entryway rug. Your high traffic rugs will need cleaning more often than the less-traveled ones.

Besides looking beautiful and protecting the floor, area rugs can actually act as an air quality enhancement. Dirt, pollen, hair, and dust all settle to the floor, and your rugs can trap and hold a lot of this material. They keep this debris from getting stirred up by activity and prevent it from spreading to other rooms. A room with an area rug will always have cleaner air than a room with hard floors. Of course, the only way your rugs can accomplish this wonderful service is if they are kept clean and well maintained. We can properly clean your area rugs, replace the non-slip backing pads as needed, and improve the air quality in your rooms, all at once.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs – the genuine kind – require special care and methods when they are cleaned. We hear horror stories about oriental rugs being ruined by cleaners who are unfamiliar with these special requirements. Some people resolve never to have their oriental rugs cleaned, ever, because they fear the worst. They would rather put up with some dirt than have their precious possessions damaged by a less than competent rug cleaner. But dirt in the fibers will accelerate normal wear and produce visible damage faster, as the dirt particles are ground against the wool or silk pile and cotton backing, shortening the life of your rug.

Your Kashan, Bijar, Isfahan, Sarouk, Tabriz, Qum, Hamedan, Bokhara, or any other beautiful piece are safe with us. We have extensive knowledge of all of the classic Persian rug variants’ fiber content, down to the types of wool, cotton, and silk. We know about the goat hair and camel hair accents in your Kurdistan rug. We understand that the 200-year-old Kirman that has been in your family for three generations is irreplaceable. Trust us to handle your rare piece as if it were our own, with the attention and care it deserves.

In addition to cleaning your oriental rugs, we can also arrange the repair and reweaving for damaged and worn spots. Oriental rugs are known to outlast modern carpet by decades, even in high traffic areas. If your rugs are damaged by pests or worn by foot traffic, we can give them new life and extend their service.

Getting Ready For Our Arrival

To ensure a smooth experience, we ask that you do a few things in advance of our visit:

  • Remove Clutter

If we are coming to your home, you should remove toys, shoes, and other small items from the area and place them in another room. This is for safety, as well as to provide unobstructed access to the work area. Small items can be a tripping hazard. And we want to make sure none of these items are accidentally damaged in the work process.

  • Remove light furniture

Again, this gives us unobstructed access to all areas that need cleaning. Floor lamps, coffee tables, and easily movable chairs should be placed in another room. They should stay there until the rug is completely dry. We can work around heavy items such as copy machines and other larger office items, as well as bookcases and sofas, but if you want every inch of the rug cleaned, arrange to have all these items moved as well.

  • Indicate Stains And Trouble Spots

Some of these will be obvious, but if you’ve been focusing on that one particular area that really bothers you, be sure you make us aware of it. Write us a note…you can even draw a diagram if you want. We want to make sure the spot you frown at every day gets extra attention, so you are delighted and won’t be bothered by it anymore.

  • Make Arrangements For Pets

There will be a new person coming into the house with equipment. We don’t want your pets to be upset by this unexpected invasion, so for their safety and comfort (as well as that of our technicians), keep them secluded in another room or other safe place.

  • Clear A Pathway

To avoid disrupting your routine as much as possible and allow easy access to the service vehicle, make sure there is an unobstructed pathway from the work area to whichever entry door we will be using. If we are going to use equipment with physical connections to the service vehicle, we would appreciate being able to locate the vehicle as close to the entry door as possible. This might mean the employee of the month giving up their parking spot for a couple of hours.

We look forward to bringing modern methods and the most qualified technicians in the industry to your home or commercial facility. Count on us to restore your carpets and area rugs to their former beautiful appearance and condition.

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