Furniture & Drapery Cleaning

When making an impression with potential clients, employees, patients, customers, guest, and patrons, it is important to not forget about the appearance of the furniture and drapery.  Furniture is an important part of any room, whether that room be an office, doctor’s office, restaurant, or hotel. A comfortable, supportive chair does wonders for employees, guests, and patients everywhere, taking their minds of their backs and allowing them to focus elsewhere. But, if the furniture is dirty, dusty or stained, no one will really want to sit on it. So prevent that problem by using getting a commercial upholstery cleaning from Steamatic®.  Our IICRC certified technicians specialize in cleaning furniture and drapery and can set up a cleaning maintenance schedule to suit your business.

Restore the Upholstery in Your Building

Window furnishings are also an important element to the overall impression of your place of business.  Yellowed, stained and dirty drapery can leave a person wondering about the cleanliness, workmanship and quality of the company they see this in.  That’s why it’s important to request commercial drapery cleaning by Steamatic®

Depending on the type of material, our commercial upholstery cleaning utilizes Steamatic’s patented recirculating hot water process or Steamatic’s Lambrite® Dry Cleaning Process to clean dirt and stains from your upholstery. This professional upholstery cleaning service is not only extremely effective, but it also leaves your furniture and drapery clean, rejuvenated and with a fresh smell. That way guests, workers, and patients can be back on the furniture soon after Steamatic’s upholstery cleaning service.

Furniture, Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning

Your sofa needs it’s own spa day. After years of accidental spills during football games, getting napped on by pets, and normal dust buildup, your sofa is looking like a mess with stains and spills. There’s really no need to go replacing your furniture and draperies.

With Steamatic’s professional furniture and drapery cleaning services, you can give your existing upholstery and draperies an instant face lift.

When we’re through pampering our upholstery  with our cleaning processes and specialized furniture cleaning techniques, you’re couch will will be rejuvenated again.

Why Upholstery Cleaning?

Whatever material your upholstery is made of – over the years it attracts its fair share of dust and dirt. Then there are the spills and stains that you have to contend with over the years. Juices and other drinks, baby formula, ketchup – your upholstery will take tons of damage and before long, you’ll begin to notice that the fabric that you loved on your sofa is now covered with too many stains to ignore.

Steamatic’s furniture cleaning service can get rid of the dust, pollen, dander and other allergens that reside deep within the fabric of your sofa without damaging your furniture.

Our professional cleaning specialists are in thousands of homes every year. We know firsthand that a clean home is a healthy home. With nearly 50 years of experience handling every conceivable cleaning challenge, you can trust Steamatic to have the expertise, the tools and the customer service to keep your home clean and healthy.

Our Process

The type and condition of the upholstery will determine if we use our wet cleaning of dry cleaning method. Our patented hot-water recirculation and extraction method utilizes hot water to loosen and lift dirt and soil from the upholstery  fibers, without damaging them.  Unlike other upholstery cleaners, Steamatic’s cleaning process does not involve harsh chemicals or shampoos that could potentially lead to leftover residues that will attract dirt, allergens, dust mites and other microscopic pollutants and make your upholstery require cleaning more frequently.

As we clean, our extraction hand-tool uses a high powered vacuum enabling the upholstery to dry down quickly as it pulls out the moisture.  When Dry Cleaning, we use our patented Steamatic Lambrite Dry Cleaning process to gently extract dirt and dust from the most delicate upholstery.

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