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Why Are The Air Ducts In Your Home Dirty?

Some people are confused as to why their home has dirty air ducts. There are filters on your air conditioning and heating units so it seems like nothing should get through. But just as you get dust in your house, there is no way to keep all the particles out of your air conditioner or your ducts.

The EPA offers very solid advice when it comes to how to run your air conditioner more efficiently. These tidbits might save you money in the long run.

There are a few things to consider when you are concerned about the cleanliness of your ducts. Aside from just cleaning them out you should know why they are getting dirty and how best to keep the dirt to a minimum.

Maintaining clean air ducts in your home helps to increase energy efficiency. It can also help reduce allergens in your home and make breathing easier.
  • Debris and Air Quality

Debris such as dirt, leaves and branches can cause problems outside your unit. This can lead to gunk getting in your ducts. You also have to consider the air quality where you live. In urban areas you may need a heavier filter to try to and keep some of the finer particles out of your system and out of your ducts.

  • The Dust Inside the Home

Dust, dirt, pet dander and pollen inside your home gets sucked up and recirculated by the ducts. Making sure you keep your vents clean will help keep the dust out of the ducts and away from your air conditioning unit. You should avoid dusting procedures that kick the dust in the air, but rather use a moist cloth that actually captures the dust so you can dispose of it properly.

  • Improper Sealing

Improper sealing of the ducts is a common problem. Depending on where your system pipes through, if it is not properly sealed, dirt can get in easily. This is a common problem for systems that go through attics or behind walls. If there are openings you can get everything from dust to insulation pieces in your ducts eventually causing blockages.

  • Floor Ducts and Gravity

Many ducts are placed on the floors of older homes. This is a great place for heating as it heats the room evenly but it also leaves the vents open to dirt and settling dust. Every time someone walks over a vent, dirt can fall into it. You should be sure to clean the vents often to help reduce the dirt inside. Keeping your air ducts clean helps to increase efficiency. It can also help reduce allergens in your home and make breathing easier. You should clean your ducts often to reduce any damage to your air conditioning or heating unit as well as keep your whole family healthy.

  • Keep them Clean for Proper Cooling and Heating and Your Health

Keeping your vents clean is good for proper cooling and heating as well as your health. When you have dirt in your vents it gets pushed out and you end up breathing it in. There is no need to lower the air quality in your own home.

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